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EPDM is very efficient and durable roofing material. We are approved contractors for this system and have many years experience across a wide range of installations. We use an EPDM membrane to ensure the very highest level of waterproofing.

A living roof system behaves like a cushion protecting the EPDM membrane from wind, UV light and direct heat from the sun. This more than doubles its life expectancy. Because of this, the waterproof membrane's life expectancy is increased.

Energy savings can be significant.

An extensive green roof system such as sedum requires little or no maintenance and looks beautiful all year round, changing with the seasons.

There are many environmental benefits: Air quality, bio-diversity, energy conservation, reduced surface water run-off and even improved health.

A living roof has wide ranging benefits. Its natural beauty is particularly effective when roof areas are looked down onto from bedrooms, including neighbouring properties. It can also have a very positive impact on your gardens eco-system, attracting bees and butterflies!

Windows of Warwick install a ready grown living quilt containing a beautiful mix of around 15 different varieties of sedum and meadow flowers. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of your new living roof right from day one.

Skylights such as Velux can easily be incorporated into a living roof. All our roof systems come with a 20 year guarantee.

All year round comfort is a must in a garden office which is why our super-insulated office pods will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because you do not have to heat the whole house, this provides a very energy and cost efficient solution.

Security is also important because you may well leave expensive computer equipment there - our high performance doors and windows provide all the protection you will need, with toughened glass and high security locks and window catches.

Carefully considered lighting, data cabling, wi-fi connection, soundproofing, in fact everything you need to create the perfect motivational work space are all possible with a Windows of Warwick garden office. We can even install a loo so you don't need to nip back to the house! Remember we can design and build EXACTLY what you want perfect and not just an adapted standard model.


SIPs or structural insulated panels is one of the most advanced building systems available today. Capable of exceeding increasingly stringent building regulations it is fast, cost effective and environmentally friendly. This forms the core of the wall construction. As you will have read else where on this website we have also used sheep's wool and this is something we are looking to develop further for some of our buildings..

On the outside, our walls are clad in western red cedar, an obvious choice for contemporary building design. Its beautiful reddish gold colour and straight grain, gradually turns to an attractive silvery finish as it ages. Our

supplier is at the fore-front of the campaign for global, forest stewardship. The cedar is tracked from the forest, all the way to the customer to ensure that it comes from a certified sustainable source. One of the most durable timbers available, Red Cedar is also one of the lightest - Its low density and high proportion of air spaces also makes cedar the best thermal and acoustic insulator of all the commonly available softwoods. It is also highly resistant to warping shrinking, decay and insect attack due to naturally occurring fungicidal acids in the wood. Cedar can be left untreated and will still last for many years - good news for the environment and for those of us who are looking for easy maintenance.


The choice of foundation system for your Garden Studio is dependent on the size of the building, ground conditions, lie of the land etc. We evaluate this during the design process and if necessary consult our structural engineer.

Generally, we use either a purposed designed adjustable plinth system or micro - piles. Both of these are very efficient and 'clean', minimising the need for concrete, which is bad for the environment.

We do not require you to lay a base or remove an existing one. We will assess an existing slab to establish whether or not it is robust enough to form part or all of the foundation.

In general we can install a Garden/Office Studio almost on to any ground.

Our range of high performance doors and windows include a wide choice of materials and configurations depending on application and budget. From a simple glazed UPVC access door for a micro-office to top of the range bi-fold doors manufactured in powder coated Aluminium to a RAL colour of your choice.

Which ever option you choose, you can be sure that they will keep you safe, warm and secure.....

Here at Windows of Warwick we have our own specialized design team ready to design you your dream Garden Studio.

These rooms are now becoming more & more popular with the budding Artist, Small business owner or just somewhere to relax. The choice is yours.... Every building is Bespoke & created just for you!

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Garden Studios





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We have built garden studios for all types of people - artists, musicians, sculptors, designers, therapists, beauticians.

Often natural light is critical, particularly for artists. We can advise on the best way of achieving your requirements. For musicians and sound recordists the acoustic performance of the our Garden Studio is critical and there are various levels of acoustic insulation we can achieve, including totally soundproofing the building.

We are experienced in all aspects of Garden Studio design and build including projects where planning permission is required. In cases like these we are happy to manage the application on our clients' behalf, free of charge.

Whether you are looking to build a garden gym, a pool room , a safe space for your teenagers to hang out or just somewhere to hideaway our designers will create the perfect place.

The combination of natural materials such as red cedar and sedum living

roof systems along with bi-fold glazing means that indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly, creating an exciting all year round environment to relax in.

The system we use to build our stand alone rooms is so highly specified that we are able to use exactly the same materials to build home

extensions where we are able to surpass current building regulation guidelines in respect of thermal performance