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contemporary & traditional conservatories...


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or maybe a little more traditional...

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All Windows of Warwick Conservatories are individually designed for each customer.

We have the latest computer aided design system including 3D walk through which enables us to show you how the Conservatory will look on your property from an aesthetic viewpoint, so you can be absolutely certain you are making the right choice.

But that is only one aspect of design - we also take into account the direction your Conservatory will face, calculate the prevailing wind direction and the maximum snow loadings in your post code area and design your conservatory accordingly.

Once you have decided on the style and positioning and structural requirements of your Windows of Warwick Conservatory we will then discuss with you the detail of the specification, which will determine how it will perform – from issues such as the best positioning of doors to suit your furniture to the choice of the right glazing option – we will agree every facet of the design with you.

It is part of the Windows of Warwick commitment that all customers should be given clear and unbiased advice in order that each Conservatory is perfectly suited to it's owner. Windows of Warwick provide information sheets on every facet of Conservatory design and construction and have been especially designed to show customers at first-hand all product options available.

Windows of Warwickwill deal with all issues regarding building regulations and planning permissions, we will survey your property re-locating drainage and boiler flues if necessary. We can provide all those desirable finishing touches that will make your conservatory individual to you - should you wish us to, we can even re-landscape your garden!






Elegance & style...

A Windows of Warwick Conservatory provides a stylish and elegant way to add more space and flexibility to your home. In many homes it provides the ideal sitting room or the perfect kitchen extension providing the hub of family life.

Many families enjoy using the space as a playroom for the children. It makes a light and airy study for students to do their homework or as an office for those who work from home.

It can allow you to get the most out of the summer and the enjoyment of your garden, providing a sense of living space and light, which seems to extend summer throughout the year.

For entertaining, a Conservatory provides the perfect setting for a drinks or dinner party, it gives you space for a table and chairs and can act as a breakfast room.

From gym areas with hot tubs to magnificent swimming pool enclosures a Windows of Warwick Conservatory, either traditional or contemporary can be enjoyed all year round  whatever the weather.It literally can, change the way you live.

Windows of Warwick Conservatories operates throughout Warwickshire,Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire providing stylish and elegant conservatory ranges that add more space and flexibility to your home.  It gives the ideal sitting room or the perfect kitchen extension, quickly becoming the hub of family life.Many families enjoy using the space as a playroom for the children. It makes a light and airy study for students to do their homework, or an ideal home office.It allows you to make the most of summer and enhances enjoyment of your garden, providing a sense of living space and light throughout the year.For entertaining a conservatory provides the perfect setting for a drinks or dinner party, or extra space for a table and chairs, and is a perfect breakfast room.

0800 599 9355If you are looking to have a Conservatory or Orangery from Windows of Warwick, it is very important to take into consideration whether planning permission will be required from your local government authority or Council.  Thankfully, not all Conservatories required planning permission and you are generally allowed to develop with your permitted development rights.

These are measured in cubic capacity (Internal area / volume) of your proposed conservatory.

This will vary depending on the type of property your live in.Semi- Detached or Detached• 70 Cubic MetresTerraced or End of Terrace• 50 Cubic Meters.

However, there are addition factors that need to be considered:

Will your conservatory have any bearing on loss of light to either of your adjoining neighbours?•Have you had any previous extensions or a loft conversion?

Do you have a garage within 5 metres of the proposed Conservatory? If you have already used some or all of your permitted development rights, this does not mean that you are not permitted to have a Conservatory, it simply means that you wil require planning permission from your local borough council planning department.

We can advise or assist you to get your planning permission; a service which sets us apart from many other Conservatory or Orangery companies.

If you’d like to talk to us about any aspect of planning for a Conservatory or Orangery, please give us a call on  

0800 599 9355




3D Design...


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Inspired by Glass...



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